As accounting experts, we also offer our clients services during the acquisition or sale of companies. This line of service includes tax, financial, accounting and legal due diligences, whether for buyers or sellers.

The Majer Consulting firm has a multidisciplinary team with the know-how that concerns vast and diversified fields of intervention and can accompany you within the framework of your strategic decisions of investment or financing.

Total or partial acquisition or transfer of the company

Our objective is to insure you a relevant and global advisory when you are a buyer as well as when you are a seller, and it is done through the following services:

  • Evaluation of company (Allowance of the acquisition price and the evaluation of the goodwill) according to the usual methods (patrimonial method, method of the comparable ones, the method of the multiple ones of EBITDA, and or method of Discounted Cash Flows;
  • Risk assessment and opportunities of the targeted transaction;
  • Assistance to the negotiations up to the finalization of the transaction;
  • Coordination the financial aspects review included in the legal documents such as the acquisition contracts;
  • Writing of acts, included shareholders’ pacts, assets and liabilities guarantees;
  • Execution of acts with the administrations;
  • Legal, accounting and fiscal due diligence.


Our firm can accompany you during your projects to define your financing strategy through:

  • Analysis of financial structures;
  • Cash management within short, average or long term;
  • Study of financing plans;
  • Choosing the financings;
  • Preparation of necessary documentation to obtaining credits.

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