Tax consultancy

Majer Consulting Firm supports its clients through all the fiscal issues that can occur during the normal exploitation of their company as well as during exceptional operations they intend to achieve.

Continual fiscal assistance

The firm can provide any kind of advisory concerning the following aspects:

  • Permanent tax consultancy of the company;
  • Optimization of the fiscal situation of the company from the point of view of income, assets management, securities investment…
  • Preparation of VAT exemption or refund files;
  • Study of fiscal aspects related to the operations with non-residents (Tax residence, existence of stable establishment, Tax income place and method)
Majer Experts Comptables

Fiscal engineering

The firm assists and advises his clients on the application and repercussions of the current fiscal texts during exceptional operations such as:

  • The realization of study and evaluation of fiscal risks occurring during transfers, repurchases, mergers of companies or transfers of the properties between companies;
  • Risk assessment resulting from proposals of fiscal assemblies;
  • Assistance for obtaining of the categorized Tax payer status ;
  • Support for obtaining all preliminary right on the transfer prices (APP)
  • Assistance during tax verifications and litigations ( advice during the verification period, writing of the letters to answer the notifications;
  • Assistance during tax dispute, the writing of response letters, Support during negotiation of an amicable agreement, assistance during the process of tax estimation…

Majer consulting can insure any mission related to fiscal due diligence as well as establishment of fiscal risk cartographies.

Tax engineering

The firm can assist his clients during tax audits. Our assistance covers the reception and meetings with the tax auditors during audits, but also answer to the first and second notification, as well as the appeal of arbitration in front of the local or the national commission. Throughout this process, we also manage the official negotiations with tax authorities trying to find an amicable outcome to the audit. If it is necessary, we can also accompany you during contentious procedures in the Moroccan courts.