As statutory auditors listed on the Certified Accountants Register, we provide various services such as auditing, independent auditing, auditing the sets of accounts of consolidation, as well as audit-related procedure.

Our chartered accountants issue an opinion on the accounts of the company based on a constructive approach focused on the dialogue, the transparency and the reactivity.

Statutory Audit

It is about a legal mission having for objective to protect the shareholders and the partners of the company (suppliers, bankers and shareholders) on the quality of financial statements and having for ultimate mission the issue of the general and special reports.

Mission of legal certification can be:

  • Opinion on the individual accounts;
  • Opinion on consolidated financial statements;
  • Audit of intermediate accounts;
  • Mission of limited examination.

Contractual auditing

This mission is organized on your request (business manager, partner…) and implements techniques very close to those used for the missions of statutory auditing.

The ultimate objective is to issue an opinion on the accounts of the company within the framework of specific operations (partial contribution of capital, resumption of the company, merger, transfer, and check of liabilities guarantees…) or within the framework of a good governance when the legal audit is not mandatory.

Majer Experts Comptables

Audit of contribution, merger or transformation

It is the secondary mission having for objective to make sure that the equality of the shareholders during capital increases, during merger, during partial asset transfer is respected.

Our major concern during the audit mission we lead is to issue relevant recommendations allowing the company to increase the reliability of its intern procedures and consequently to insure the regularity and the sincerity of financial statements.